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nothing but diet

What you consume , consumes you ; what consumes you , controls your life.

Everything that we eat & drink is important , as it affects our health , Vibration & Reality.

Think about it: how can you feel good if you don’t ingest good foods & good fluids ?

nothing but diet

The foods that leave us feeling sleepy & sluggish are those that vibrate at a lower frequency. Hence, when we eat them, our vibration also changes.

nothing but diet

A lot of these foods are Junk foods & unfortunately they are engineered to taste great.

In 1949 , a french electromagnetism expert called Andre Simoneton published his research on the electromagnetic waves of particular foods. He realized that each food not only has a particular amount of calories {chemical energy} but also an electromagnetic power that’s Vibrational.

Simoneton Discovered that humans must maintain a Vibration of 6500 Angstroms for them to be deemed Healthy. Simoneton divided the foods into 4 categories , according to a scale of zero to 10,000 angstroms.

*First category was full of High-Vibration foods such as: Fresh Fruits , Raw Vegetables , Wholegrains , Olives , Almonds , Hazelnuts , Sunflower seeds , Coconut , Quinoa , and Pumpkin seeds.

*Second category has Lower-Vibration foods such as cooked fish , boiled vegetables , milk , butter , sugarcane , wine.

*Third category consisted of foods with Very Low vibration like cooked meats , sausages , coffee , tea , chocolate , jams , processed cheeses & white bread.

*Fourth category had no angstroms and included margarine , conserves , alcoholic spirits , refined white sugar & bleached flour.

This Research provides us with insight into which foods are good for our Vibration & which ones we should avoid.

As a General Rule , Good-Quality Organic produce , as intended by nature & recommended by Nothing but Diet will keep you feeling more vitalized that non-organic foods.

nothing but diet

Nothing but Diet is not only creating more Awareness on High-Quality foods , but also considering the Importance of the most important miracle Liquid made on earth by Almighty , WATER.

It is estimated that around 60-70% of our whole body is composed of Water & it is essential to our body’s functioning. It keeps us hydrated & flushes away unwanted toxins and this will keep us a Higher Vibrational state.

It is recommended to consume those foods more that are rich in Water like Watermelon{96%} , Cucumber{96%} , Carrot{90%} , Broccoli{92%}, Spinach{92%}, Lettuce{96%} and there are many.

nothing but diet

Good Choices of foods & fluids definitely keeps our Vibrations Higher and thus leads to good decisions in Life.

Let us all Make Raw foods & fresh filtered water as our primary source of food & fluids !

Keeping the vibes good & life good is the ultimate aim of nothing but diet !


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